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Export Packaging & Crating Services

When you need to ship goods overseas, put our export packaging and crating services to work for you. We have decades of experience packaging and crating all types of goods, from medical devices and electronics to high-tech equipment and heavy machinery. Our packaging solutions incorporate numerous protective features, including vapor barriers, shock-absorbing foam, as well as shock, tilt and data monitoring options. We provide loading, blocking, and bracing of all overseas shipments, and arrange freight with all pertinent shipping documents. Whether you are moving used equipment or your company's brand new equipment we orchestrate a safe and efficient solution that saves you both time and expense.

At Forest City Packaging, we have the knowledge and resources to help you reduce transport costs while protecting your valued products from damage. Our team of packaging professionals provides the best container and dunnage configuration to ensure your goods arrive safely and in compliance with local and international regulations at their global destination.

With a client base that spans many markets, we are a company dedicated to quality and customer service. We have navigated the channels of international shipping for more than 40 years with an outstanding track record of reliability. To learn more about our export packaging and crating services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Export Packaging & Crating Highlights

General Capabilities
Export Packaging and Crating
Domestic Packaging and Crating
In-house Preservation and Packaging
On-site Preservation and Packaging
Packing and Crating of Heavy Machinery
Vapor-Resistant Barrier Packaging
Heat Sealing
Loading / Blocking / Bracing Overseas Containers
Heat Shrink Wrapping
Fast Turnaround
Short-Term Warehousing
Secondary Services
Logistics Management
Freight Forwarding
Hazardous Packaging
Packaging Supplies
Pick-Up and Delivery
Load Transfers
Container Loading Configurations
Shock & Tilt Watch Indicators
Shock Recording
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume - High Volume
Lead Times Available
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Rush / Emergency Services Available
Quick Turnaround as Needed

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Commercial Products
Department of Defense
Industrial Machinery
Industry Standards / Certifications
ISPM-15 Certified
Military Specifications
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