Custom Sewn Bellows

Forest City Companies provides custom sewn bellows for a variety of industries. We have experience with many fabrics including vinyl coated polyester, Neoprene coated nylon, chlorosulphinated polyethylene (formerly Hypalon), silicone coated fiberglass, fluorocarbon coated fiberglass, aluminum foil laminated fiberglass and aluminum foil laminated Kevlar. Our team has the skill and capability to custom cut materials into different shapes such as round, square, rectangular, oval, U-shaped, and way covers.

Our sewn bellows can be made according to a wide range of specifications. We can also integrate various functional hardware into each bellow design. This includes zippers, tabs, cuffs, flanges, bolt holes, vents, grommets, snaps, rings, sealed seams, double stitching, band clamps, PVC stiffeners, and wire supports. We can also apply chemically resistant spray coatings for additional surface protection. Our accordion-style bellows are widely used as covers for cylinder rods, jack screws, robotic arms, satellite antenna jack screws, and patient tables.

While our typical lead times are 3-4 weeks, we have the capacity to shift our resources in order to accommodate any tight deadline. We can offer rush, emergency, or 1 week expedited services upon request. Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped for prototyping, small quantities, or OEM volumes ranging from 4 to 4,000 units. We’ve fabricated custom bellows for multiple industries including steel, aluminum, machinery manufacturing, machinery repair, metalworking, foundry, robotic manufacturing, and automated lifting equipment. For more information on our custom sewn bellows, please refer to the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Sewing Bellow Highlights


Vinyl coated polyester (18 oz.)
Neoprene coated nylon (16 oz.)
Neoprene coated nylon (40 oz.)
Chlorosulphinated polyethylene (formerly Hypalon) coated nylon (17 oz.)
Chlorosulphinated polyethylene (formerly Hypalon) coated nylon (35 oz.)
Silicone coated fiberglass (17 oz., grey)
Silicone coated fiberglass (33 oz., red)
Fluorocarbon coated fiberglass (16.5 oz.)
Aluminum foil laminated (on one side) fiberglass (19.6 oz.)
Aluminum foil laminated (on both sides) fiberglass (21.2 oz.)
Aluminum foil laminated (on one side) Kevlar (23.6 oz.)
Metalized PE film (Mylar) laminated silica (36 oz.)



Way cover
Custom shape


Side tabs to prevent overstretching
Bolt holes
Grommeted support tabs
Snap arcs

Interior metal rings
Sealed seams
Double stitching
Stainless steel band clamps for cuffs
PVC stiffeners
Chemical resistant spray coating
Wire stiffeners and supports


Cover cylinder rods
Cover jack screws
Cover robotic arms

Cover satellite antenna jack screws
Cover underside of patient tables

Lead times available

Rush / emergency service
Expedited 1 week service
Typical lead times 3-4 weeks

Production Volume

Small quantities for machine overhaul or maintenance
OEM volumes from 4 to 4,000

Industry focus

Steel and Aluminum
Machinery manufacturers
Machinery overhaul specialists

Robotic equipment manufacturers
Automated lifting equipment manufacturers