Secondary Services

At Forest City Packaging, we offer numerous secondary services specifically designed to support the needs of defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, and other advanced manufacturing industries. Services include packaging design, hazardous material packaging services, logistics management, and a variety of additional related packaging and shipping operations.

Packaging design capabilities include the design of custom cushioning systems for the protection of sensitive materials as well as outer packaging and product containers. Our designs are based on extensive experience in the packaging industry with an emphasis on unique projects that require creative engineering solutions. Because our work varies so greatly in scope and volume, the lead time for each project is quoted on a job by job basis, with typical lead times averaging 5 to 7 days.

Logistics management services include handling your shipment from the moment it enters our facility until it reaches its final destination, whether that be 200 or 2000 miles away. We can assist you to make sure your shipment has the proper customs and regulatory documentation, and will be handled to the farthest point possible for each shipment destination. We can explore different methods of shipment as well as different speed/service levels to meet your needs.

Hazardous packaging services entail 24 hour monitoring of materials, preparation of the necessary documentation, and transfer of materials to UN approved shipping containers as needed. Temperature sensitive materials can be packed in dry ice to protect them during transport. We stay abreast of the latest laws guiding both domestic and international transport of HAZMAT materials to ensure that customers are in compliance with all applicable regulations.

For additional information about our secondary services, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Secondary Service Highlights

Package Design

Product Containers
Outer Packaging


Other Services Offered

Contract Packaging
On-Site Preservation and Packaging
Packaging Supplies
Barcode Labeling
Freight Forwarding
Hazardous Packaging

Heat Sealing
Load Transfers
Logistics Management
Pick-Up and Delivery
Pre-Printed RFID Labels
Short Term Warehousing

Hazardous Packaging Services

24-Hour Monitoring
Prepare the Shippers Declaration for Hazardous Goods and provide the customers with shipping documentation once items have left our facility
Transfer hazardous materials to UN-approved containers as well as resell the UN4G cartons
Properly package and ship all items, including paints, solvents, aerosols, and corrosives
Provide certified HAZMAT packaging for temperature-sensitive items, also known as “dry-ice packaging”

Production Volume

Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume – High Volume

Lead Times Available

5 – 7 Days
Quoted on Job by Job Basis
Rush / Emergency Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus


Commercial Products

Industry Standards / Certifications

DOT Hazmat

ISPM-15 Certified