Hazardous Packaging Services

Packaging hazardous materials for transport requires high-level expertise, so put your trust in the professionals here at Forest City Packaging. We have the knowledge and resources to properly package and ship items such as paints, flammable gasses, poisons, aerosols, corrosives, and more for domestic or international shipment. All of our containers and other packaging products meet regulatory requirements for shipping of hazardous material via air, ground, or ocean-based transportation. Our knowledgeable staff remains current with all relevant rules and regulations and prepares Shippers Declaration for Hazardous Goods and any other compliance documentation for goods that leave our facility.

As a certified Hazmat Packer & Shipper, we have the capacity to manage small parcel shipments as well as palletized goods and oversized and bulk shipments that require placarding. We also offer numerous other services, including 24-hr monitoring, on-site packaging, re-packaging, and freight forwarding to provide complete end-to-end logistics handling of your hazardous materials. For more information about our hazardous material packaging services, please see the table below. Contact us at any time to discuss your specific needs.

Hazardous Packaging Highlights

Package Service Types

Domestic Shipments
International Shipments
Air Hazmat Shipments
Ocean Hazmat Shipments
Preparing Air or Ocean Shippers Declaration Documents
Preparing Hazmat BOL’s
Flammable Liquid Shipments
Flammable Gas Shipments
Non-Flammable Gas Shipments
Flammable Solid Shipments
Spontaneously Combustible Shipments

Dangerous When Wet Shipments
Oxidizer Shipments
Organic Peroxide Shipments
Poison Shipments
Corrosive Shipments
Miscellaneous Hazardous Shipments
Packaging into UN Specification Fiberboard Boxes
Packaging into UN Specification Drums
Packaging into UN Specification Pails
Determining if Shipment is Hazardous

Shipment Sizes

Small Parcel
Multiple Carton Shipments Palletized
Oversize and Bulk Shipments Requiring Placarding

Passenger Aircraft
Cargo Aircraft
Limited Quantities
Excepted Quantities

Secondary Services Offered

24-hour Monitoring of Shipment
On-Site Packaging
Freight Forwarding
Evaluating Low-Cost Freight Options

Transferring Liquids From Large to Small Containers
Dry Ice Packaging

Lead Times Available

2 – 3 Day Lead Time Typical
Same Day Shipments Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus

Chemical Distributors and Manufacturers
Aerospace / Aviation
Aviation Maintenance

Import / Export
Freight Forwarders
Air Freight Companies

Industry Standards and Testing Capabilities

Certified Hazmat Packer & Shipper